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Гайд Crixalis (Sand King)

Гайд История героя

Crixalis was a normal scorpion in Kalimdor’s deserts. For unknown reasons, he evolved much faster than his brothers, growing extremely large. Because he was still susceptible to the Lich King’s mind control, he was summoned and is now guarding the Frozen Throne. While much larger, Crixalis still possesses his scorpian abilities, such as the power to burrow into the ground and resurface elsewhere, impaling all in his wake. His tail contains a violent venom, which causes his enemies to explode. Scouts have discovered that he can create large tremors in the ground, killing anyone distracted enough to get near him

Характеристики героя

Здоровье - 492
Мана - 208Сила - 18 +2.3 основной навык
Ловкость - 19 +2.1
Интеллект - 16 +1.8Атака - 43-59
Радиус атаки - 128
Защита - 3
Cкорость перемещения - 300

Описание скилов героя

Burrowstrike -
The Sand King burrows into the ground and tunnels forward, impaling everything above him, then resurfaces
Уровень 1 - 100 damage, 400 maximum range
Уровень 2 - 160 damage, 500 maximum range
Уровень 3 - 220 damage, 600 maximum range
Уровень 4 - 280 damage, 700 maximum range
Перезарядка скила - 11 секунд
Sand Storm -
Sand King creates a fearsome Sand Storm. The storm blinds his enemies and he becomes invisible to them. The storm also causes his opponents to take damage
Уровень 1 - 20 damage per second, 200 AOE, invisibility lasts 20> seconds. 0.3 second delay before revealed
Уровень 2 - 40 damage per second, 250 AOE, invisibility lasts 40 seconds. 0.6 second delay before revealed
Уровень 3 - 60 damage per second, 300 AOE, invisibility lasts 60 seconds. 0.9 second delay before revealed
Уровень 4 - 80 damage per second, 350 AOE, invisibility lasts 80 seconds. 1.2 second delay before revealed
Перезарядка скила - 40 секунд
Caustic Finale -
Each of the Sand King’s attacks injects a deadly venom that causes the target to explode violently on death, dealing damage in an area
Уровень 1 - 90 damage
Уровень 2 - 130
Уровень 3 - 170
Уровень 4 - 220
Пассивный скил. Орб эффект
Epicenter -
Sends a disturbance into the earth, causing it to shudder violently. All caught within range will take damage and become slowed. The closer to the epicenter, the more damage taken
Уровень 1 - 2.0 second casting time, 6 pulses of 110 damage
Уровень 2 - 2.0 second casting time, 8 pulses of 110 damage
Уровень 3 - 2.0 second casting time, 10 pulses of 110 damage
Перезарядка скила - 140/120/100 секунд

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